Bitcoin Mining Resolution Provider

9 years of experience in the bitcoin mining industry since the year of 2013. Generating the profit with more green power.

Who We Are

Valarhash, in Hash we trust.

It is an innovative ecological platform focusing on the blockchain industry.

From a global perspective, Valarhash established itself as the industry leader in the ASIC mining market. Also, we integrate cutting-edge resources by connecting the physical and digital worlds with blockchain.

Valarhash focuses on looking for the resource advantages of the United States, Canada, Sweden, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

With 9 years of ups and downs in the ASIC mining industry, Valarhash helped to build many data centers

Meet us better

Our History in Numbers


contributing to bitcoin mining for years


Petahash we operated


data centers built


satisfied customers


What We Do

ASIC miner hosting services.

Mining pool technology support.

Reliable ASIC miners provider.

Mining data center construction remote and on-site support.

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